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Thanks I see til very tired lol can imagine that day trip super tired..are you planning towards end of the trip?
I haven’t been to Japan before but if happen during that period was considering the alpine route.

So the bus tickets has to be bought there hmm there so much information to read
Also my first trip to Japan.

Planned to go on my last 3rd day in Toyko. will be resting after my trip. Hahaha. Ya tired, and should be enjoyable too.

A lot of info to read. For bus from Nagano to Ogisawa, it cost abt 2600 yen. Im not sure if this cover in the Tateyama Option tix. As only this bus has price info, the rest of transport does not have price info. Can be purchase from Alpico transport info center in front of Nagano station.

The rest of transport in Apline route is covered by option tix which cost 9000 yen.
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