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But when the seller claims there is warranty and they are selling a local set, but in reality it is an export set, then they are lying, are they not?

It is quite sad to see that some people resort to such means to push sales, and in this regard their customers will be one-time only. I for one will NEVER return to buy any items from them, and will advise my friends the same. Would that be a profitable business?

Maybe our thinking about values and self worth are different so we can agree to disagree
Seller misleading information leh. You tulan anot.

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Seller is unethical but buyer should also beware. I am always skeptical about deep discount unless the retailers are reputable. Those Sim Lim square shops are well known to pull stunts. Can only suck thumb

Well i do feel sympathy for you whereby i also kena unethical sale talk, but if we check and do some homework we may also avoid such to happen. I do realise that those sale staff work for commission - therefore may use "sale lie
to con us to buy.

sometime need to use abit of logic/common sense when the price is dirt cheap - as i alway say "greed" is the root of the evil.
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