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Where do you buy the new media solution antenna and how much? TIA

Trust me when I say, don't even bother spending so much. Even simply plugging in a non-connected aerial cable might allow you to find digital channels. Just buy the cheap NewMedia Solutions antenna will be enough.

If you are hoping to get Malaysian channel, unless you live very high up or in low lying areas with no tall buildings around and overall depending on your location to our neighbouring countries, even my Amazon 50 mile/80KM antenna with many great reviews could not get me to find Malaysian channels.

Singapore one doesn't need to have a strong antenna really. My 2 cents.

PS: Don't buy brands like Funke brand which looks something like yours. Even when I place it at the same location where my cheap NewMedia Solutions antenna is, I had a hard time getting HD signal. Sian... The result of living on the lower floors of my area.
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