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Don't forget about RGB

When building a PC , one will think of customizing and theming your entire PC

around a color scheme. Besides, RGB lighting is also a great entry point. At this

point of time, manufacturers were throwing RGB on everything

including RAMs, CPU coolers, fans , keyboard , mouse , headsets, GPU ,

mobo, LED strips and even RGB mousepads. The list goes on. Therefore it is

also worth considering putting some bling bling into your rig.

Hi guys,

We prepared this document for an event and we thought it would be handy for anyone who needs a basic rundown of considerations on what to consider when buying a gaming desktop or a gaming notebook - or even if you can't decide which to get.

We hope this helps.

Feel free to chip in further inputs and guidance for the novice shoppers. The guide is meant to help simplify the thought process, so it's not an all-encompassing A to Z guide.

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