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Am planning 2 x day trips to Kyoto (from Osaka)

Day 1
Kinkakuji + Arashiyama Bambo Grove

Day 2
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kiyomizudera + Higashiyama District
Nishiki Market

- Is Day 1 too "empty" as I ready Kinkakuji within 1-2 hrs can complete? And I'm not sure how long the Bambo Grove will take, although there seem to be quite a lot of temples in Arashiyama area which I'm not exactly keen on given that I'm already planning to visit 3 of them in Kyoto
- Any must try food in Kyoto region? Apart from the standard Ramen, Sushi etc (wouldn't mind trying if they have really good ramen & sushi though!). Most of my research introduce Obanzai, Nishin Soba, Matcha Dessert etc
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