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The Meteorological Agency raised the warning level ... on Mount Zao ... to 2 from 1, meaning people should avoid going near the crater.

“There is a possibility of a small-scale eruption,” the agency said in a statement, noting that a number of small earth movements were detected Tuesday, along with a slight bulging of the ground in one area.

It also warned of the possibility that volcanic rocks could be jettisoned as far as 1.2 km in an eruption.
Exactly a week to go before my trip to Zao Onsen. Wondering if I should change plans.

Quote from SnowJapan: "You might have seen on the news about the volcano alert level at the nearby crater being raised yesterday. Hmmm. No other information for you on that, other than... life goes on as normal and there has been no 'events' to relay. Zao Onsen village is about 5km away from the area concerned and the tourism office has issued an announcement that we are 'unaffected'. We live with these things here in Japan!"

Regardless of this, 5km is like Raffles Place to Boon Keng only, wonder if it's prudent to ski so near a volcano that has an eruption imminent even if the met agencies say it will only be a small one ...
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