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My thought was that if unit available is 100. 95 for first timer 5 unit for 2nd timer .

Then they randomly select 300 people out of all the application. 285 will be first timer, 15 will be second timer.

This 285+15 will then go thru the second round of random q no allocation. Where 95 first timer and 5 second timer will be allocated Q 1 to 100 . Then the remaining first timer and 2nd timer will be assigned to Q 101 to 300.

But maybe I m wrong. Hopefully someone from HDB can explain.
That is quite interesting to look at it, thanks @thepoorone and @sapherix.

I had gone for 2016 SBF and my number was very much out of the available units. Surprisingly got called for an appointment and I saw that the last served unit was 92 and bear in mind I was in the 500 range.

So, honestly don't know how this even works bcs I do not believe there is 408 drop outs or so right? I guess it just boils down to your luck. Some hit and win, some hit and miss.

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