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Alright, I would suggest if you feel that your current glasses is clear enough, then stick the the same one but perhaps using blue protect+duravision to achieve the same clarity and reduced glare. However when doing your stitching, is Colour perception important? As blue protect also might cause your vision to turn slighttttttttly yellow.
If it does affect you then I would say go individual sv, because drivesafe also has a slight yellowish hue to it. Thus individual will allow you to achieve the maximum clarity coupled with your reduced glare at night.
I checked, wait time will probably take up Til 13th Feb if you get it done within next 2 days.
Hi Bro Gangsterkia, can I check what is the turnaround time to make a pair of Zeiss Single Vision Individual? Coming back to sg during the CNY period for 2 weeks and need to make a new pair of spectacles. I am currently wearing a pair of Zeiss Single Vision Superb.

I do a lot of fine stitching so need my vision to be as sharp as possible. I am also bothered by oncoming glare when driving - not sure if should go for the drivesafe or digital lenses +/- blueprotect?

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