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Oh Seiko lenses are not too bad. Summit Phoenix is trivex material. If it's true form mean either trueform premium or summit trueform. Not the id/trinity range as it's under summit series. If you want to take it down a notch, instead of trueform series, go just one level down to the summit series.
They tier themselves like airplane seats. Economy-summit series premium economy-trueform series business-id lifestyle/FD and first class-trinity and ID(standalone). There's a hidden one for the more luxurious few which is the mystyle(fully customised) and minimal distortion.

In your case, economy series of summit will suffice! But take note once you drop, reading area will be narrower and distance might not be as sharp as compared to a trueform one.
Hope this helps !

Hi Bro Gangsterkia,

I bought a frame online and wish to make a progressive lens locally, currently I am using Hoya Summit Phoenix True Form(??) and I also have another progressive lens using in-house brand by made at another optical shop, it is using Seiko lens. I am thinking to bring down the cost of making another progressive lens. Where can get it fixed? Thanks in advance.
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