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Hi All,

Recently i made a huge mistake of sending my details to a loanshark thinking they are licensed moneylenders, turned out they werent. I had to pay $00 in total when they transfer me $400, repor to the police, they seized the money yet SPF is useless because they are just maybe dumb, but I understood I made a mistake, the loanshark guys were nice tho BUT this happens.
I am working overseas now, so he keeps texting me to support him but I ignored and said I dont need it tho I do need money, once bitten twice shy, and then he just texted me out of the blue, he transferred an amount of $300 to my account and ask em pay $400, boy i was so mad and sent him multiple vulga messages, so i realized he was nice, I decided to pay $400, and will close my bank account, and all that, What do u guys think? I know they are just behind the screens, but I am just afraid they will do something to my house. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
I recently also fall into the trap. They did e same tactics. Say transfer wrongly to my bank ac and dont provide their bank ac after 2 days then ask me pay defer etc. I return the original amt to them n blocked their no.
They even call my office no. So no choice i gota ignore calls.
Would it b ok that we share their phone to see if we have e same scammer?
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