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Though we r young but nt ohysically fit.
I won't say we are physically fit either, definitely not compared to an average Norwegian. Just have to have a sense of adventure, and take things slowly. And also a very thick skin, as you see Norwegian primary school kids hiking faster than you. Lol! But just to be sure, tackle some of the longer walks in MacRitchie for a few weeks before you go...that's what I did with the kids.

One very important point that I cannot stress enough. Weather is very unpredictable, it rains a lot, even in summer. So make sure to have waterproof hiking boots and layered clothing (for different temperatures) with a waterproof shell and hood. There was a 3 hr walk we took which started with me in short sleeves, and ended with me in 3 layers. We heard this many times....there's a Norwegian saying that goes "there's no bad weather, just bad clothing".
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