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To the first half of your qns, nope! No difference. 1.6 is good enough. Don't need spend too much on a 1.67. And 1.67 also requires a certain amount of minimum degree to do which Is -3.00 and above. 2.25 just stick to 1.6.

To the second part... it really depends. Many shop have these style that you looking for..can't really pinpoint as it's too large already your frame you looking for.. haha


I've been reading around the past 10 pages about the different lens and frames.. Just wondering, if my L/R degree is about 2.25 both the same, with 0.5 astig on one side, is there a obvious difference between a 1.6 and 1.67 index?

Looking for some rectangular frames, any recommendations on where's a place with reasonable pricing? I'm currently on Monoqool frame, and i've been loving it since. Can't find the frame anywhere else though.
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