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SG psn store 15% coupon code: QHPHQQ7TKA
Feb 8-14

It's shown in the sidebar/banner of the SG PSN store.
Enter the code in your shopping cart during check out. Use once only.
Cannot be used on pre-order or PS+ subscription.
Shopping cart has limit of 10 items and max S$200 per transaction (after coupon discount).

Note that in the CNY sale, most items carry additional 10% off for SG PS+ members (the 10% is applied on regular price, so if sale price is 30% off, then PS+ price is 40% off). If the item you are buying has regular price of >s$70 (ie. additional 10% is >s$7), you are better off buying 1 month PS+ subscription at s$6.90 first before making the purchase.

You can follow the Game Deals thread here for more sales and lobangs.

Thanks piercelee!
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