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Impossible! You think URA is prata king?

If Singapore's policies and laws keep prataing like our ASEAN bros do you think Singapore can be the 'Zurich' of the east?

I am also wondering. Stated as reserve site. Can be of any use when URA decides upon it.

Bus interchange quite unlikely. My guess is commercial mall most likely. Eastlink I and Eastcrown will benefit most if that reserve site is marked for commercial usage in the future.

Those land plots on the side of Canberra MRT Station with lower plot ratios are private residentials.

This URA Master Plan 2014 image is edited by me. I put in the estate names and MRT Station names. It is an old image I done up in 2014 so certain newer estate names are not included.

In 2014 I accurately predicted the exact location of Canberra MRT Station before LTA's official announcement.
How come the MRT like perpendicular to the canal? Is it really that near the longkang? That time pass by didn't feel like it.
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