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Well if you want backup of a backup, you of course have to buy


4 x 2TB on raid 5 gives you 6TB of usable space

You just need to get an external 1x 6TB to hold all the data as backup

Alternatively you can simply backup to cloud as a secondary backup.

It is really flexible.

If you are really afraid of data loss yet wants to save some money to start off..

Perhaps a RAID6 will do you better. You get lesser storage capacity but with more redundancy

The battery is secondary. Your house power irregular? A cheap ups cost approx $50-70.
Thanks bro, house power is ok, but if I make the move to use a NAS, I wanna play safe and prevent data loss, if ups is only 70-80, then I think it's v worth it and gives me peace of mind.

How much would it be then to get the 4 bay, 2Tb raid 5 set up?
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