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These days I am retiring my Pharsa and Wukong and do back-end support (lterally) as... ANGELA~!!!

Friggin fun.

Even though seldom get MVP or Legendary (tust me, still can get if your team is terrible) for achievements, but can improve on KDA count cos of my massive support.

But then again, still have to depend if my teammates are good or not. if not, no matter how good I am, I am still Open Season if they do stupid things and keep dying.

Still will use Wukong if I think the team not too capable of pushing. Pharsa if too many unreachable enemies (or enemies that I need to keep a distance from), or Bane when I see too many jungle-potential idiots.

Wukong and Bane are my pseudo-tankers. Still not very good with Hylos yet cos I keep forgetting to switch his 2nd skill off then eat away my own HP

Angela, a different story altogether. Now Fanny, Lancelot, Kagura and Harley, whom I used to hate, are afraid of me.


And the skills no need spam till my thumb break like when I use Pharsa's ultimate skill.

Good mp regen, decent hp regen and best, can teleport just to anywhere my teammates are, shield him/her and use my skills without using mp3 when I am possessing them.

And it is my host that is doing the bleeding not me lol.

Don't say till I am evil. Most of the time I save their lives and help them in their kill counts hor.

But alot of times I waste my skill by possessing into pricks who either keep running to jungle monsters or waste time hiding in bushes.

still love freya, feel that she's damn steam

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