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Since the termination yesterday around 4pm, I managed to re configure at 8am today, less 24 hours. Gone through all the steps, now waiting for activation and SMS. So far one hour already. But as some of you waited 3 hours, then I will be patient.

Update 14 Feb, 1012hrs: still activating

After 5 days daily termination request with all kinds of threats finally some light as they seem to be working on the termination..

“I truly understand your concern on this.*Latest update that I can provide is that I had manage to get replies for the relevant team that is checking and also following up with your case. They are in the process to do the termination of the numbershare so you may get it a try again.*I have yet to receive confirmation if the order had been completed. I understand my service might not meet your expectation and I am not the best person to advise on this*But let me do at my best expedite for you. will get back *you as soon as latest while waiting the teams reply.”

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