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Still waiting for my NumberShare cancellation to be reflected so I can resubscribe.

How would you know the service is cancelled?

Was on Apple support. They said to give Singtel imei and eid. Told Singtel that but they seem to want to try the cancel and resubscribe method.
Encountered the same problem yesterday. Was "activating" for a few hours and decided to reboot and re-sync. Thereafter, when I tried to subscribe to mobile data on the app, it says "already subscribed". I called Singtel last night and they terminated numbershare on their end. I noticed within an hour on my Singtel account that the numbershare add-on has been removed (thus cancelled). When I tried to subscribe to mobile data again this morning, at least 9 hours later, the app again shows "already subscribed". I've rebooted the watch, re-paired as new, and still the same. I wonder when I can subscribe to Singtel numbershare again. A bit caught in no man's land now...
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