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Those with or intending to get Broadlink RM Pro, can take a look at the videos below.

Google Home


apparently Broadlink has limited the features on their newer model;
- Only RF for Google Home
- Only IR for Alexa

Bro here with RM Pro, care to comment?
I ordered one last night just seconds before I saw these video. I am using Google Home. sad
I am using Amazon Alexa with RM Pro. As per the seller's advice, I am using an Android box with RM Plugin as a bridge between the Broadlink e-connect app and the Alexa app.
Then all that's left is to make macros. Quite easy after it is up and running. I can easily modify my macros over time including the name of the command to adapt to the changes that I've made such as a new TV that needs my command to adapt to it. I just need to go to the TV remote on the Broadlink app and click on swap frequency and then go to the plugin and edit the macro with the macro from the ihc app and then go to Alexa and click Discover. That's it. It's easier than you think once you understand how it works.

For me personally, I am experimenting the Smart Home feel by using it in my room.

Thankfully, my Fanco fan also acts as the room's main LED light while I have a dedicated LED strip for my PC Desk along with aircon, TV, Speakers.

Due to my Fanco remote using radio waves instead of infrared, I could not use the Logitech harmony. So I depend on the Broadlink RM Pro RM03 along with the Amazon Echo Dot 2 that I bought off of Carousell.
The seller was extremely nice as to provide even instructions as to set up the whole thing.

I went the extra mile as to even set up my Amazon Echo to register my Singapore address which I have yet seen others achieve. So things like weather and the nearest McDonalds or 7-11 will tell me ones that are actually near my house.

The macros on the Broadlink app are easy to set up. I have mine set to turn on aircon at certain times of the night and then turn off and switch back to my Fanco ceiling fan. So as to not waste electricity but still keep the room cool the whole night.
Similarly, there are macros which are specifically for the Amazon Echo which will activate. For example, if I say 'Alexa, turn on food'. It will switch off my Desk LED strip and switch on main room light and then turn on the TV and speakers at the same time too allowing me to just display my PC screen to the TV instead of my monitor and then use my PS4 controller which has been configured as a remote (though with a simple swipe of the touchbar, I can change it back to controller mode thanks to DS4Windows).
I use Mediaplayer Classic via the K-Lite codec pack since it has MadVR so it can send HDR signal to the TV if I am ever watching such a video like movies if need be. I usually highlight all the videos that I want to watch and with a simple click of 'Add to MPC-HC playlist', it will now play all the Youtube videos that I've downloaded back to back with MadVR even upconverting the quality of some low res videos to 4K if need be automatically.
And with this, I can eat while watching some YT videos or animes or Korean variety as I wish depending on what I add to the playlist which I can switch to the next video at any time thanks to the PS4 controller.

I can just say 'Alexa, turn on away' if I want to go out and it'll shut off all the devices that are turned on without me having to manually switch all the devices off.

Amazon Alexa also works with my Xiaomi Robot Vacuum by using the command 'Alexa, start vacuum' and it will clean my room in about 5 minutes while I go off to shower.

With the Echo Dot 2, I can have it make and receive calls for me though I do not wish to use that feature. I am so used to it that I once accidentally almost called Alexa back in the office in order to turn on the lights there.
It has become 2nd nature without me having to physically move to the device or remote which may not be with me. I love it.
Best of all, it only costs me around $100 for both devices.
I plan to add more around the house in the future since it is just super convenient.

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