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Hey there.. I just got my livolo switches. Is there any kind soul who can guide me to wiring the 2 way switch?

I have had no issues with the 1 way switches.

I have a 1g2w at the entrance. And a 2g2w at hallway. 1 of the switch from the 2g2w will be used as a 1 way switch.. whereas the remaining 1 switch will have to work as 2 way with the one at the entrance, 1g2w.

Tried to find online but can't seem to know which wires goes to the a and b.
Hi there, personally i havent setup a 2-way livolo switch but i believe after the wiring is done. u have to sync the button-to-button ??

could it be holding the 1gang2w button till it beep, then goto the 2gang2way, the button which is meant for 2way and click on it to 'pair' or sumthing ??

pls note, i solely based on assumptions, i didnt do before too.
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