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Hi everyone,

As you may know, one of our Admin accounts was compromised yesterday evening for about 30 minutes. As a precautionary measure, we have disabled rights for all Admin-level accounts to prevent further access by the hacker.

We are investigating this as a matter of priority and will update you as soon as we can ascertain the extent and source of the breach.

Thank you for your patience. Official updates will be posted here.
Dear bosssaizo,

May I kindly provide a screenshot of the hack back in December as mentioned by Darkstarer above.

The thread in question has already been deleted.

I can provide more screenshots if you want.

The affected member namely Darkstarer has denied she made the post and hence it should be a case of being hacked?

However, I am unable to come to the conclusion whether it is a vulnerabiltity on the server or user's side.

Thank you.

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