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Great that you managed to get quite a few different devices working with Alexa. My wife thinks having all these gadgets around the house is a bad idea (EMF radiation) and she hates talking to Alexa so I've not been able to try out as much new stuff as often I would like to
It has become 2nd nature without me having to physically move to the device or remote which may not be with me. I love it.
Best of all, it only costs me around $100 for both devices.
I plan to add more around the house in the future since it is just super convenient.
Bro here with RM Pro, care to comment?
I ordered one last night just seconds before I saw these video. I am using Google Home. sad
Hi LiLAsN,

Yea great that have use considerably less amount of money to make your home 'smart'. I'm also using Alexa, together with RM Pro3 (and also broadlink S2 Hub for the door sensors) with Livolo switches/RF sockets, doing pretty much like what you have done.

But i didn't use plugin via Android box to 'talk' to Alexa, i use the IHC app (only TV remote template is recgonised) therefore have pretty much configurations/setup to do. Anyways once the tough part is over, the rest is enjoyment.

i'm able to come home, open my main door which triggers the door sensor and activate a sequence to ON the devices such as kitchen backsplash, shelf decor light, dining room chandelier, livingroom light, living fan and master room bedside lamps. For my wife whom doesn't have the app installed on her phone, the sensor works well as she doesnt need to do anything once reach home and the lights and stuffs will get ready for her (even when i'm not around). another area is my Storeroom, open the door store light up, once i close the storeroom door, light auto shut, able to acheive this via broadlink S2 door sensor -> RM Pro3 -> Livolo switch in storeroom.

I have 3 Alexa, livingroom, kitchen and master room.
I do still use Alexa to turn on TV etc, or off my bedside lamp sometimes.
But the most used Alexa will be the kitchen, due to morning breakfast at nook, we will ask it to play some music/radio stn. Now my wife will ask Kitchen Alexa to set timer when she cooks stuff. Or play her Spotify playlist via kitchen Alexa, music output via Alexa instead.

So far we are enjoying the features we have built in our house, and will explore if new technology emerges which can improve the way of living.

Hi evq, Google Home to RM Pro3 not an issue, u just have to configure it as 'light' for the devices. I tried using Android phone Google-Assistant to control the RM Pro3 too, it works too.

Hi 233mmx, my wife intially also reluntant to let me install the 'smart' devices, but after some convincing and real-life demo.. now she can see the positives of the stuffs we have got, she even went on to recommend her friends when her friends visit our home! I realise how much u try to tell/explain to frds, they usualli cannot see the picture, only till they see a live demo in my hse den they also wanna do the same.

As for your wife not liking to talk to Alexa, i guess can try to make Alexa help your wife in terms of other means instead of on/off device which maybe ur wife is not interested in. Maybe help on the cooking recipes, act as timer, calender notification or playing music can slowly get her to warm up to Alexa, that happens for my wife's case though. Good luck!

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