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Hey there.. I just got my livolo switches. Is there any kind soul who can guide me to wiring the 2 way switch?

I have had no issues with the 1 way switches.

I have a 1g2w at the entrance. And a 2g2w at hallway. 1 of the switch from the 2g2w will be used as a 1 way switch.. whereas the remaining 1 switch will have to work as 2 way with the one at the entrance, 1g2w.

Tried to find online but can't seem to know which wires goes to the a and b.
I m in the same situation. 3g2w to 2g2w. another 3g2w to 1g2w.

I m looking for a smart wifi switch where i can control via google home & phone, even from outside house.

care to share where u get ur Livolo switch from?
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