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I am using Amazon Alexa with RM Pro. As per the seller's advice, I am using an Android box with RM Plugin as a bridge between the Broadlink ihc app and the Alexa app.

Amazon Alexa also works with my Xiaomi Robot Vacuum by using the command 'Alexa, start vacuum' and it will clean my room in about 5 minutes while I go off to shower.

With the Echo Dot 2, I can have it make and receive calls for me though I do not wish to use that feature. I am so used to it that I once accidentally almost called Alexa back in the office in order to turn on the lights there.
It has become 2nd nature without me having to physically move to the device or remote which may not be with me. I love it.
Best of all, it only costs me around $100 for both devices.
I plan to add more around the house in the future since it is just super convenient.
bro, so regardless which rm pro it doesnt matter? can teach me how? seems somewhat complicated...
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