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bro, so regardless which rm pro it doesnt matter? can teach me how? seems somewhat complicated...
I bought my RM Pro along with Alexa from this seller. She provided me with the rest of the instructions once I received the item. I followed just as the video tutorial did and it works.
Please also note to use a seperate android device for the RM Plugin as it has to be left at home with the setup.
In this case, I used my free ViewQwest TV box. You could use any sort of Android device you have that you won't be using on a daily basis. So the Android TV box was perfect.

RM Pro (Do Not buy the plus model. It doesn't work with RM plugin)
Echo Dot 2

Above 2 links are from the same seller. But those 2 are the ones that I buy from her.
Seller's delivery is very fast too. Literally on the same day for me.

But I think now, there's an option to select Singapore as your main address.
Prior, only I was able to modify Alexa to take Singapore as an address and it allowed me to say, 'Alexa, where's the nearest McDonald's?' or 'Alexa, what's the weather like?' and it will answer appropriately. However, out of nowhere, I couldn't get Alexa to tell me the nearest restaurants with it saying the feature might be coming in the future. When I checked settings, it seems to have changed to accept my Singapore address instead of disallowing me from registering a Singapore address unless I use some coding again.

Here's the video that I followed to get it all set up.

In spoilers are the instructions that I got from the extremely patient and helpful seller.
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