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Hi 233mmx, my wife intially also reluntant to let me install the 'smart' devices, but after some convincing and real-life demo.. now she can see the positives of the stuffs we have got, she even went on to recommend her friends when her friends visit our home! I realise how much u try to tell/explain to frds, they usualli cannot see the picture, only till they see a live demo in my hse den they also wanna do the same.

As for your wife not liking to talk to Alexa, i guess can try to make Alexa help your wife in terms of other means instead of on/off device which maybe ur wife is not interested in. Maybe help on the cooking recipes, act as timer, calender notification or playing music can slowly get her to warm up to Alexa, that happens for my wife's case though. Good luck!
She gets frustrated because Alexa voice training done by me so her accent is not always recognised by Alexa, end up her voice commands are always hit & miss

Nice idea you have to get your wife hooked to the helpful stuff that Alexa can do for her I have tried sometime ago but she's not convinced enough
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