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In overseas Amazon Echo forums (e.g., there's a lot of discussion on Amazon's decisions to geo-fence their skills and lots of non-US Echo owners are not able to fully access all the skills that US customers get. Bummer

I have had my Echo dots since 2016 and back then it took some workarounds to get it working in SG, thanks to earlier adopters who learnt by the hard way. Personally, I would still recommend setting US address and location for the Echo devices to get early access to all the latest skills and functionality.

Did you know you can ask Alexa to voice call as well as send SMSes to your mobile? There's also a new product called Echo Connect which can integrate Alexa with your land line at home but I have not heard of anyone using it outside of US at the moment.
Hi guys, yes the voice call and SMS works, tested before.

for voice call, u ask alexa to call {name} and the person mobile phone will receive the call stated from your home by Alexa, something like that.

for SMS, is more interesting as it will actually send a SMS to the recipient with the text u have said and oso the voice recording link, which upon click will bring u to a site to hear the voice recording.
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