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Talking Alexa Household

She gets frustrated because Alexa voice training done by me so her accent is not always recognised by Alexa, end up her voice commands are always hit & miss

Nice idea you have to get your wife hooked to the helpful stuff that Alexa can do for her I have tried sometime ago but she's not convinced enough
Hi, i understand the fustration whe Alexa don't 'listen' to the commands.
However there are still 2 things u can do to improve the situation.

1. Create an Amazon and Alexa account for your wife, she doesn't need to have any Alexa device registered to her, just account will do. After which, you create a household to add your wife in, once she is in the same household, she can use the Alexa devices registered under your main account as per normal.

Then goto ur Alexa app and settings, look for 'Voice Profile', not training but Voice Profile. Alexa app will ask u to read a few sentences, so that Alexa can recgonise your voice. After you are done, you ask "Alexa, who am I", Alexa will say "You are {name}, in {name}'s account". Bingo! now your Alexa can recgonise you voice.

Goto your wife's App and do the same, once done, ask Alexa the same and Alexa will reply "You are {wife name}, in {husband name}'s account". If Alexa is able to detect correct, she has successfully learn the voice.

As for switch of account, say "Alexa, switch account". it will switch account by saying "now in {name} account", but personally i think there is no need to keep switching account for my case, i'm always in my main account.

But there are some benefits for switching account, for eg. I also setup TrackR (to find your phone) in our respective accounts. so when i'm in my account, i will say "Alexa, ask Trackr to find my phone", then my mobile iwll ring at its loudest even when it is mute or silent mode. If i want to find my wife's phone, i will need to switch to wife's account and say same command and wife's phone will ring instead of mine.

For smart home devices, I only setup in my main account so if want to ask Alexa to on/off device, needs to be in my account.

However I also realise if you have multi Alexa, and group play music. it doesnt matter which account they are in, they will still play as per normal as they have been grouped together.

2. 2nd thing you can do is everytime when u or wife said a command, if it is right den goto the app history and click 'yes' for alexa hear correctly. this will eventually helps Alexa to understand the speech and next time you say chances of getting right will be higher, it's suppose to work that way. As for those commands that miss, click 'No' Alexa didn't hear correctly. overtime, hope it will help.

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