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Actually I dun think our SG wiring is plug and play with such smart switches in the first place. The extra wire should a direct live wire bypassing the looping circuit.

In my opinion, if you have 2-way switches, you really only need to replace 1 of them with a smart switch.

In my home I do not have any 2-way switches and I only replaced those switches that I would foresee being used frequently. For e.g. my storeroom light is still controlled by a "dumb" switch
my understanding is oso sumwhat same as urs, but i have yet to try it out. But Livolo always hav disclaimer say need 2 of same 2-way switches to work, just need someone to try out and verify though.

my storeroom is having a 1gang livolo RF switch, and i installed a broadlink s1c door sensor, physically open store door the light will light up, once i close the door , the light will off.

able to acheive this via s1c door sensor->s2 hub->rm pro3->livolo rf switch.
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