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Hello HA Gurus,

Newbie looking into setting up his own place for future HA. I've read through the posts here and learnt loads from other user experiences.

As my missus isn't really a techie, I decided to slowly add in devices along the way instead of doing a fresh overhaul of the new place we are getting keys soon, even though I understand its more convenient to set up the foundation at the renovation phase.

Is getting a Google Home + Smartthings hub/router a good start? I have free reign over the 'computer study' so I can start with a live demo there before adding on to the living room.

Things I would like to add on along the way:

1. Smart lights - Philips Hue etc.
2. Smart plugs for appliances
3. Fan less likely since will probably install a normal one during reno
4. Chromecast integration for media

Basically trying to be as futureproof and idiotproof as possible. Don't mind spending a little more as long as its easy to install.

Thanks all and have a nice day!
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