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Highlight of the day:

In Draft Pick mode, kena the last person.
All the idiotic you-know-what-nationalities above me all close combat characters, so no choice choose to be the Puppet Master.

Then they spammed "We need a Marksman"

And after I pressed "OK", one of them actually typed "mm la idiot".

I shot him back, "she also a shooter lah idiot"

End up, not only I stood my ground and none of my center turrets were harmed, the enemies' Lesley also gave up on fighting me at 1 point then swapped lanes with teammates.

That moron was lucky that I off my Battle Messages, else I would type, "so who's the idiot now, huh?" nearing victory.

I dunno lah... Some idiotic players are so obsessed with ingame titles that they don't even know "Marksman" is a general term for long ranged shooters. (this reminds me of idiotic pokeZombies don't acknowledge Charizard/Lizardon and Gyarados as dragons cos despite they look obviously like one, the game did not classify them as one)

Magic users mostly are long ranged shooters too what. Heck, even when I use Pharsa, I could guard center lane well too.

Really hate those "we need this" "we need that" whiners. If you need it, YOU CHOOSE IT YOURSELF. Don't make people choose a role they are unfamiliar with, then end up they get killed everytime and get blamed/reported.
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