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played a few hours of kingdom come. the game is quite similar to elder scrolls but an inferior version. i dun think this game is worth buying now till they fixed all the bugs. kinda like a broken game and wonder if they even do any bug testing before they released the game.

some bugs caused the game to glitch. have to reload from game save. the game save require you to have a particular item before you can save. the particular item is expensive and you hardly have money so you can only buy a few. the only time the game auto save is when you finish a main story mission. also some small action may cause you to be locked up or killed so you have to restart from the game save and replay again.

the lockpicking is insanely difficult using the controller and lockpicks break easily. they are hard to come by and also expensive. also this game touch alot on christian faith so those who anti-christian should avoid.

without the bugs i think this game is worth buying when its on sale at $20-$30.
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