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Anyone with NFS: Payback? Is it worth buying since itís 60% off now on PS store
I don't have it personally but based on reviews, it's microtransactions/loot boxes every where (and this happened immediately after SW BF2). One review says that you spend more time having your car parked rather than racing on the road. That's becos to progress you will need different car parts, which come in loot boxes randomly. You will go to a car dealer, open loot boxes, then park outside and wait for them to refresh stock hourly or something. And the more insulting thing is, the loot box animation is literally a jackpot machine (cos the game is set in somewhere like Vegas). They did some patch after consumer outcry but it's like making something easier one side than harder in another.

Even if you ignore the mtx/loot boxes, the story is bad, the mechanics to execute the story is bad. 60% is not cheap enough, wait for a complete edition to go under 10 bucks. Get NFS: Rivals instead, that one is great exciting fun, even though it's an older game. The story in Rivals is bad as well, but the game play is solid.
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