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4 nights in Bergen seems excessive. If you like cities, you should really think about spending a couple of days in Copenhagen or Stockholm on this trip, instead of spending so much time in a 2nd tier town like Bergen. These cities are much closer to Oslo than Tromso is! I doubt flights will be expensive if booked early. Both SAS and Norwegian have some great sales. Alternatively, go to another town further north of Tromso at the end. Or some of the fjord towns like Geiranger.

Bergen to Lofoten might be tricky. The fastest way is to fly to Bodo and take a ferry across to Moskenes. But I notice there aren't that many flights from Bergen to Bodo. Maybe you need to transit back in Oslo. There's also a night train from Oslo to Bodo.

One way to rejig without backtracking too much is to fly directly to Bergen from Oslo when you arrive in Oslo (lots of cheap flights between Oslo-Bergen). Then do Norway in Nutshell from Bergen to Oslo instead of other way. Then spend a couple of nights in Oslo before heading out to Lofoten.
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