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My itinerary:
13 to 15 OSLO
15 to 16 GUDVANGEN
16 to 20 BERGEN
20 to 23 REINE
23 to 25 SVOLVAER
25 overnight cruise to TROMSO
26 to 29 TROMSO

how does this sound?
Iíve been looking for cabins to stay at tromso and lofoten canít seem to find any.
Also, the Hurtigruten cruise on the website only got voyage but I am interested in svolvaer to tromso only. Emailed them no reply.
For Bergen to Reine whatís the best way to travel?
I think you can go straight to Svolvaer first if you are flying in from Bergen. Don't spend too much time in Svolvaer. Upon reaching Svolvaer, go get your rented car and drive down to Reine. Try staying at Eliassen Rorbuer in Hamnoy which is near Reine. Also, try to book Cabin 23 if you are there. It's the best cabin for 2. I parked my car next to the cabin. The only neighbour is at Cabin 22 so privacy is not much disturbed.

You can hike to Kvalvika Beach or Ryten. I did the hike to Kvalvika Beach. In your free time, you can drive to the village A. I drove to the end of the E10 expressway since I was near there. Although nothing much to see at A, it was kinda peaceful.

Try to spend less than 1 day in Svolvaer. There is nothing much to do or see there.

As for booking the Hurtigruten cruise, when i booked that cruise about 7 months ago, they have an online booking options where i chose the route and then make payment online. I think they have removed that option so you can either email to them or do a live chat with them. Faster response will be a live chat.
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