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Hi All,

Recently i made a huge mistake of sending my details to a loanshark thinking they are licensed moneylenders, turned out they werent. At first they say borrow me $400 4days later i need to transfer $600 back. On the day of returning i asked them for bank account they keep delay not giving me any account numbers. After that they say i have late payment need to paid another $800.. That night without my notice they transfer me another $600 and asked me to paid $900 on the spot. i keep denied it. but they say i have to pay another late payment of $3600 to settle everything. they even threatened me say will go up my house all that. I understood I made a mistake, What should i do now ? i need advise and help.. but I am just afraid they will do something to my house. Thanks!
Hi i been through all these.

Call police no use. They will just write a report and then put aside. Occasionally they will patrol your house once..... every 2-3 nights.

Install CCTV. At least you will know whats going on. But they will still splash your door and write O$P$. Worse they see u got CCTV, they target your nieghbours instead.

Dont need to pay them if they come up. Cos the more u pay the more they will ask. Owed 6 ah long, when one come up, all i stop paying.

You just got to bear with it, your house been splash, the cleaning up and if your neighbour kena, the apologising and all.

The only way to escape them is to sell your house.

Any more private questions can PM me
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