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Hi i been through all these.

Call police no use. They will just write a report and then put aside. Occasionally they will patrol your house once..... every 2-3 nights.

Install CCTV. At least you will know whats going on. But they will still splash your door and write O$P$. Worse they see u got CCTV, they target your nieghbours instead.

Dont need to pay them if they come up. Cos the more u pay the more they will ask. Owed 6 ah long, when one come up, all i stop paying.

You just got to bear with it, your house been splash, the cleaning up and if your neighbour kena, the apologising and all.

The only way to escape them is to sell your house.

Any more private questions can PM me

Eh, I heard that you will get into trouble with HDB if they find out the reason you sold it was because of loan shark harassment.
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