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Guys.. A noob question here.. Thinking to get a PSN card on Carousell as I thought that it will be cheaper than buying from retail shop.. But found that the sellers are selling them at price more than its stored value.. Any reason for this?
Because it's physical, you don't need a credit card to use it. Even if you buy from retail shop, the stored value will be less. This has always been how cards with stored value works.

Pro is at $599... $500 and below is only if u know how to use qoo10 coupons.
Pro is only $599 at official Sony retail outlets, it's been $500 on and off for quite a while. There's the just expired $150 off promotion for 2 PS4 Pro, paying $429 for a PS4 Slim now is crazy.
Just wait for the next deal, it always dips to $500.

Qiashn offers 2 x ps4 pro for 1,052 sgd and qoo10 got 100 bucks.
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