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bunch of retards spoiling the game
wan to farm yet farm like a nub and cant even att, dumb fuk people that are just selfish idiots
most of the time when they die, I would be like, "what the... feed ownself till level so high still can die???"

These idiots whenever they get killed I'd do a "(ALL) Well Played" shout to commend the enemy team and diss the idiots.

Those and to idiots who clearly can't win, yet refuse to surrender.

I mean, c'mon. If your team obviously has nobody to push (or only me, who take initiative yet their poor enemy management sense always let the latter run to g@ngr@ape me and prevent me from stealing turrets), you keep either defending your turrets which are taken down 1 by 1 and keep getting killed, to the point they are so free to have 1 or 2 players attacking Lord and 4 of you (I normally don't gather for senseless team fights. Report me as they want, I rather try take down turret than join in the Mass Wiped Out Program) cannot even kill 2 or 3 attackers, you are just prolonging your suffering.

Funny thing is these idiots are able to run away in cowardice while leaving you to get killed, yet refuse t run away from the game overall.

As if they are able to turn the tides with the way they play the game.

How I wish there is an interviewing system within the came so that I choose which kind of players to team up with lol.

Jungle when you see enemies not around and you can take down turrets? DON'T PRESS START

Jungle when your nearby allies are being attacked? DON'T PRESS START

Don't stick to same lane until at least 2 turrets are stolen? DON'T PRESS START

You encounter a lower level teammate trying to jungle to level up and monster is almost dying yet you wanna kill it yourself, DON'T PRESS START
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