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Those are mostly from tourists. -> Alarm bell!. Tourists are the one who also think Ichiran is the best ramen in Japan!
I normally avoid any places that are popular with Tourists since most can't actually differentiate the average and the good.
And they don't have much information since most food websites are written in Japanese like Tabelog.
I been to Tsukiji 7 times. Then i ate sushi there for 3 times at my first 3 visits after that i don't bother eating there since i think their quality is average and not worth the time + Money
I think not all tourist can afford meals that cost 10k and above. Sushidai seems more affordable than those rated similar or better. Maybe that's why so many people go there.

Tabelog rated sushidai at 3.94. Shouldn't be that sucky I guess.

In fact I see those rating above 4 are mostly higher end restaurants and quite expensive.

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