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For the convenience.

My Credit cards are set on auto full GIRO payment each month .

Under ABT, if I use my linked CC to pay for the trips, I only pay as and when I travel instead of having to top up a prepaid EZ link card.
I second this completely.

Since my total travel bill per month is about S$65, I stand to forego about S$3 or so of cashback a month if I use a Mastercard instead of NETS Flashpay with ATU on the BOC Family card, for example. I can live with that.

The convenience of using a regularly used Mastercard credit card is superb and for me beats the so-called cash cards hands down. I am also happy with the peace of mind that I don't have to carry one more card with some value 'locked' on it with the risk of losing the card and having it misused.
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