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Kirin 960, a bit dissappointed..its tablet is always a version slower than its phone (honor and P series)..they shd make it up with Kirin 970, even Honor V10 is with 970 just ard SGD 500+ at china ...more keen to see the pricing for its version in China and wonder any price adjustment for the M3.
Unfortunately, flagship Android tablets don't get the love as their smaller counterparts, mobile phones. Even the Samsung Tab S3 uses an older Snapdragon 820 if I am not mistaken. To be fair as well, Apple also uses their older SOCs for their tablets, but because they are fully in control of developing their own SOCs, they have the ability to give their tablets a significantly better SOC than their mobile counterparts.

The good thing is despite using an older SOC, because of the bigger space and better cooling on tablets, they tend to do much better under sustained load. So at the end of the day, these older SOCs still do relatively well in tablets.
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