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To get a refund on ezlink, you need to have the physical card in your possession. It's like losing a wallet full of cash. It's gone.

For mastercard, once you report lost no additional charges can go through.
Not true. The balance will be refunded to the account. But Mastercard is better in a way as the card can be blocked immediately whereas there is some waiting period after notifying Ezlink for a lost ez-reload card. (There is also some insurance coverage of $15 if you register your card beforehand though

Also, when Mastercard when lost, it can be used for a wide range of purchases compared to an Ezlink card.
Please call EZ-Link’s Hotline at 6496 8300 to make a lost report on your ez-link card. Should you call after office hours, please leave a voicemail and your lost report will be lodged. The remaining monies left on your ez-link card, subject to the terms and conditions of refund of cards on the EZ-Reload facility, will be refunded back to your credit/debit and charge card account.
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