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Come to think about all the sponsored PCP programmes, assuming you are the sponsored companies, will you let these trained professionals leave the country or to jump ship from one hospitals to another after serving their bonds?

I thought such programmes are great for anyone who is serious to consider a second career option. It may be the case at a first glance. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of underlying terms and conditions, clauses and unclear corners that are not seen easily.

I had once signed a bond with a company for 2 years. Reason being of such bond is that you work in their organisation, you have gained considerable working experience in exchange of the time. End of the bond, there is no rewards or anything. I suffered for almost 2 years due to their judgement on my poor work performance. I couldn't even leave or resign because the liquidated charges will be imposed on me. Till one day, they decided to release me without me paying any single cent. This is madness! From then on, I am extremely skeptical and wary about bonds, especially issues connected to the government organisations.
I agree, there is too many T&C. One of the other thing that made me question the whole program was that one of the candidates I was with, mentioned a friend signed up for PCP-RN too but failed. The parents had to sell their house to help her pay back the LD.

I think that was the thing that stuck to me the most. That your poor parents are stuck with a bad decision you made
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