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Thanks! Will consider that too.

Just curious. How long ur guys specs last you. My current one is like 1yr plus. Lens no scratches. Just that the frame getting out of shape after tortured by my kids
And my visual seem to have problems with near and far viewing recently

Wondering if this justify a new purchase. Lol
Typically, my frames last me almost forever. Past 7 years, have been using rayban. I have 4 pairs of them. Onli 1 matt pair have its plastic coating slightly dropped.

Plastic frames are very durable. They hardly spoil imo.

Take note what you use to wipe ur lens. Last time, I wipe my glasses using long 4 in outfield. Whole lens full of micro-scratches. Lesson learned.

I believe presbyopia is creeping in which explains your issue with near currently! Thus digital lens then would be the perfect fit for you!
Mind explaining more abt presbyopia? What are the symptoms and how to spot it?
Izzit a slight dizziness when looking at near & harder to focus?
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