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I agree that pricing is poor. To be fair, I never considered getting an Android tablet considering I get much better hardware with Android mobile phones. I only owned a Google Nexus gen 2 tablet previously which was very reasonably priced.

If I need a tablet now, I will happily purchase an iPad that is so much more powerful and capable. It costs more, but the A10X in the iPad Pro will certainly perform significantly better than the Kirin 960 or Snapdragon 820.
Depending on the needs from a tablet, 4:3 goers should only opt for Apple iPad that makes the most sense in terms of value and performance. Heavy media consumption avid users like me have been sticking to widescreen format tablets - only available to Android ecosystem. We may not need to have the best SoCs inside. But there's a bunch of us who wants the best screen with the best innards and willing to pay for it. Huawei M5 trying but still not there.
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