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Same syndicate. Defer loan is the worst kind of loan.

The normal loan is if you take $400 loan, you take back $320 and pay $100 for 4 weeks.

To take a loan of $400 but pay back $600 in 4 days ? Do your maths.

Im sorry to say but u have to stop paying them and prepared for what is going to happen.

DO NOT borrow more to pay them liao. You will receive a lot of messages from "other" ah long offering you assistance but they are from the same syndicate.

Buy and install cctv outside your home, it will not stop the consequences you are about to face but it will at least deter some of them. Worse is they will target your neighbours instead.

Prepare to buy some thinner (to clean off the paint) paint (same colour of your door) and have your NPC and Town council contact in your phone. NPC to report and town council for them to come clean the writings in the common corridor (Its FOC)

Change your contact number.

If end of the day you cannot tahan, then sell your house.
Do you know they take how long to come up the house??
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