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Do you know they take how long to come up the house??
Have you default ? Have you gone MIA ? (Meaning dont answer their phone or change number)

If yes, within 1-3 days.

Step one is they will send a man up to knock on your door and ask you to call the ah long back. Or take picture of your house and send the picture to you to prove that he indeed got send people up. This serves as a warning.

Step two is you will find writings on the wall. NRIC, name, unit number, O$P$, call XXX @ XXXXXXXX

Step three is splash paint, throw flower pot, and nowadays set fire

Step four is to target your neighbours for step 2 and 3

Step five write off as bad debts but occasionally backside itchy still will send their runner up to do step 2 -4, just for fun
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