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Collected my Lindberg today. Wasn't expecting it to be ready cos supposed to be on Tuesday. Glad they called me before my party tomorrow.

Firstly, even the paper carrier for it looks good!

Then the box also feels damn solid

Opening the box

The black rectangular box is the case. I suspect its made of genuine leather even cos it smells damn nice and feels real good. That stick in the middle is the lens spray by Lindberg. Follow by the frames identity card with serial number.

And lastly, the specs

I know some of you will be thinking, "special meh, looks normal leh. Like ordinary specs"
"my $80 frame looks like that also"

This is probably the first time I tried a specs and fell in love. All my previous specs are like, ok lo no other choice already.
This feels very light, yet sturdy. And the quality can tell. Even from the way they present it in the box can tell the makers don't play around with this.
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