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Hi guys,

I have some question

I am currently 29 year old, salary is 2.8K after CPF

want to buy a long term medical insurance, I know everyone have medishield

Is AIA HealthShield Gold Max B good for people like me?

Is there any term policy I should buy at this age, never have a insurance b4
First and foremost, get the best shield plan you can afford. If you think that Class A plans suits you (AIA HealthShield Gold Max B falls into this category), then you can do research on all Class A plans. The website is right here:

Second, if you intend to get married and have children, you will need some sort of critical illness plans and/or term/life insurance for that. My personal preference is to get a Term CI and a Whole Life Insurance (although some people will have divergent views).

Third, after you've settled the first 2, you can consider investing your money.
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